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You’re in the right spot to book a LisaVdesigns Your Strategy session with me (Lisa V), the Book and Brand Designer. The planning and visionary skills acquired in my real-world graphic design work spill over into everything I do, including chatting with you. A session with me brings you the expertise and strategic perspective gained from over 18 years of professional graphic design work and 12 years of entrepreneurship.
A session can cover reviewing your idea and its potential, "picking my brain" on entrepreneurship / freelancing, brainstorming your new "thing", creating the strategy to achieve your big vision, or even chatting through the plan for a specific design project.
Check out the sessions below then click the schedule + pay here link to get your one-on-one strategy session booked!
"I really appreciated your time ... it was so informative and really helped me shape some of these plans and timelines for the months and year ahead. Thank you for all of your help!"
– Aimee K
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+ Discovery Session
Let’s chat about your vision!
This short call is to review your vision and project idea. We will get a feel for if this is the right partnership to move forward with a "Strategy Session" or a proposal request for that project needing custom graphic design services.
$49 // 25-minute session [ SCHEDULE + PAY HERE ]
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+ Pick-my-brain Session
Ask me anything about your idea’s potential.
This is the session for you when you want to have a longer chat with me: about entrepreneurship, freelancing, self-publishing process, brainstorming “next steps” to reach your goal, and even getting my input on your business product, service, book, organization, event, etc. Whatever you feel needs the "Lisa V" perspective and expertise. It’s an intense biz coffee chat!
$149 // 50-minute session [ SCHEDULE + PAY HERE ]
PS: a "Strategy Session" is the place for discussing in-depth strategy for custom design services you book with LisaVdesigns.
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+ Strategy Session
Let’s start making your Vision a reality.
This deep dive call is where we get to focus on strategy, planning, and setting next steps specific to you and your Vision. I learn more about you, your goal, and your big plans in order to brainstorm where to go next with a customized strategy, resources, and design services.
This is THE place to start when you know you want to work with LisaVdesigns and we need to discuss in-depth project strategy before taking the next step in the process: a proposal and contract.
$299 // 1 hour 45-minute session [ SCHEDULE + PAY HERE ]
NOTE: When you book LisaVdesigns for graphic design services within 30 days of your "Strategy Session" $50 of the session fee is credited towards your project fees (service minimum of $1,300).
Review the LisaVdesigns Your Strategy terms here.
"Thank you Lisa for a great conversation. I appreciate all your insight and expertise!"
Want to chat through your Big Vision with a professional graphic designer?
Perfect! You found me—Lisa V. I'm super excited to chat all.the.things. with you. Select the session above that is the best fit for your needs. Schedule + pay via the link for the LisaVdesigns Your Strategy session you selected. 
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“It was so good to brainstorm with you. So much information and so much to take in."
Frequently Asked Questions—the FAQ—about the LisaVdesigns Your Strategy sessions:
Q: Can I book a session with you this week?
A: All of the LisaVdesigns Your Strategy sessions are scheduled with a minimum of 1 week advance notice. Check the scheduling calendar for available sessions.

Q: Why do I have to fill out a questionnaire after booking my session?
A: The questionnaire is an intake form that provides Lisa with the necessary framework to focus on your specific needs on the call and make sure we stay on track. If the intake form isn’t filled out within 48-hours of scheduling your session it will be canceled and refunded.
Q: Why do I have to pay to talk with you?
A: Lisa's expertise, wisdom, and time are valuable. She spends additional time (beyond the scheduled call time) before your session reviewing your intake form and preparing to talk with you. Taking time away from the clients who are investing in LisaVdesigns services for free calls is not honoring to them or valuing Lisa's time.

Q: Do you expect me to hire you for custom design services if I schedule a session?
A: Short answer … no. Depending on the session you choose, we may not even be discussing a graphic design project. If you schedule a session to chat about graphic design services and decide we are a good fit to partner on your project, hiring the LisaVdesigns studio is a great idea.

Q: Can I cancel my session?
A: No. You may reschedule your session up to two times.

Q: What if something happens and I need to reschedule?
A: You have up until 3 days before your session to reschedule your call for a new date and time. If there is an emergency, contact LisaVdesigns ASAP.
Q: Can we discuss strategy for the design services I hire you for in a "Pick-my-brain" session?
A: The "pick-my-brain" session is reserved for chatting about anything aside from strategy for custom design services you want to book with LisaVdesigns. The "Strategy Session" is the place for that because the longer session is specifically structured to discuss strategy in a more in-depth manner than the shorter session allows.
Review the LisaVdesigns Your Strategy terms here.​​​​​​​
"Great talking with you! Thanks again for taking the time to educate me on the process."
Wisdom is better when it’s paired with money,
Especially if you get both while you’re still living.
Double protection: wisdom and wealth!
Plus this bonus: Wisdom energizes its owner.
Ecclesiastes 7:11-12 (MSG)