LisaVdesigns Your Biz in print and online
+ your business is growing out of its startup britches?
Are you itching to upgrade to a more professional first impression? Let's chat about a custom brand system that is designed to create a strategic and cohesive visual identity that is the right fit to express your brand in whatever you need: print materials AND online presence.
EXAMPLES: business cards, social media graphics, brochure, magazine, packaging, signage, card deck, and more!
+ want to get yourself published?
You know you do it—you judge books by their covers. And you definitely have no desire to look like a “self-published” author (that negative 1st impression—yikes!). Let’s talk books … my background of 15+ years in book publishing design means I’ll create that big publishing house quality design your book deserves, not to mention provide industry resources and tips.
PS: investing in professional editing AND high-end book cover and interior design services are the key elements that will make a difference in the success of your self-published book. You don't want your audience to drop your book—or not recommend it—because the writing is difficult to read or because the page design impacts the readability (it's a thing!).

+ got a project that’s making a difference?
Are you changing the world with your vision and mission? You're in luck. I want to build a legacy of being a Difference Maker and that means I am all about creating designs for a good cause (or a biz supporting a good cause). Set up a consultation and we'll brainstorm + strategize your big idea.

Tap the button to inquire about calendar openings (project start dates) and price estimates.
*currently booking projects for all of 2023
"Working with LisaVdesigns was such a fun experience! She was very responsive throughout the entire design process. The final product was gorgeous and completely represented my brand."
- ERICA J, Knack Events
ready to up your biz game?
You feel overwhelmed by how much time and effort you’ve put into the design of your brand and making branded graphics in the right size and format for marketing materials and social media. You've cobbled together your download opt-ins and maybe even written a short eBook.
The struggle is real in knowing the size and file format you need for the end product you're aiming to have for your biz AND keep it on-brand. Not to mention spending so much time searching for high-quality unique images (that you can infringing on copyright!), creating text graphics, and tracking down your exact brand colors to make everything cohesive.
You’ve been DIY-ing it for a while and realized making anything for your biz simply sucks time away from more important tasks on your biz To Do list.
By now you’re saying “I just want to snap my fingers and have designs appear for me to use when I need them”, right? Well, that app doesn’t exist...not the way you need it for on-brand graphics.
I have good news for you!
I totally LOVE creating branded graphics (even starting from scratch to create a new brand identity). Seriously. Just call me your graphic design fairy godmother.

I want you to focus your valuable time on writing winning content for your blog, courses, webinars, podcasts, and books (plus your other important biz stuff). I’ll take care of the design side of the process with only as much collaborative partnership with you as is needed to strategize and craft the ideal high-quality designs that will help you reach your goals.
You won’t need to worry about a thing. At least when it comes to having attention-grabbing graphics. If you’re worried about staying awake; I can’t help ya with that. My vote is for coffee!
It is such a good feeling to see a series of templates with colors that echo the Victorian paints on historic homes and elegant easy-to-read type—not to mention bringing our looks together so we seem more reliable as a brand. So great! Thank you SO MUCH!
- JILL D, Historic South Park, Inc.
Need to partner with a pro graphic designer?
Great. That's me. Can't wait to chat with you!
Photo of Lisa V
“You really cut through the clutter and bring clarity to the businesses you serve."
LisaVdesigns Your Biz FAQ section
Got a question not covered in these FAQs? Contact LisaVdesigns with your specific question.

Q: Do I get custom graphic design services?
A: Yes! We will start with a 1-on-1 consultation to define your brand needs and aesthetic so that your project is an ideal representation of your brand. And you have access to me via the private project system for your design Qs during the project.

Q: How long does it take to get my completed custom design project?
A: We will chat about the right schedule to provide the high-quality design services your project deserves.
Q: What if I need to increase the level of services in the middle of my project (or even at the end)?
A: No problem. We can definitely create an amendment agreement to get you upgraded to the perfect level of services for your expanded project.

Q: What if I have specific brand fonts that need to be used in my project?
A: Your brand font(s) can be used when you provide the properly licensed font for use in your branded graphics (for real, your fonts are only used for YOUR branded graphics).

Q: How will you provide the final files to me?
A: The files for your finished project will be shared privately via a file transfer folder.

Q: What will I receive when you provide the final design files?
A: The final files that are provided depend on your project; most common are print-ready PDF, scalable vector EPS, or web-ready PNG/JPG files.

Q: What if I want to _________ with the files I receive from LisaVdesigns?
A: Let me know what uses you have planned for the final design and we will make sure the service agreement covers the appropriate usage licensing rights.

Q: How do I keep track of my agreement with you?
A: Once we’ve defined the services that you need, I will write up a service agreement that describes the included services, investment, payment schedule, and timeline for your project.

*Graphic design services are not limited to the list above; contact LisaVdesigns with custom project inquiries.
All pricing and service package details are subject to change without notice. All design service fees are non-refundable; payment is accepted via PayPal. 
LisaVdesigns retains the right to display all work for portfolio and marketing purposes.
"Lisa V has a beautiful flair to her designs. They are always loaded with extra touches to make each piece look special. For the past five years, LisaVdesigns has been my go-to designer when a project needs her artistic touch."
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