Send your project information for each piece that you are partnering with LisaVdesigns on for your a-la-carte graphic design needs. Once the information is reviewed, LisaVdesigns will get back to you with an estimate of the turnaround and investment for your project.
A-la-carte projects include things like marketing materials or other small one-off projects (i.e. books, brand identity, and website design do not fit in this category).
Emergency = client requests with a 2-business day or less deadline
Rush = client requests with a 3- to 4-business day or less deadline
Regular = client requests with a 5-business day or more deadline
Thank you! LisaVdesigns will be in touch after reviewing your request.
Can I submit a request on Friday and have a finished project within 24 hours?
+ Emergency design services are not available for requests submitted on Fridays. The LisaVdesigns studio is not open on weekends or evenings.
Will ALL requests that I submit have a minimum 5-day turnaround?
+ Some projects may require a longer turnaround due to the specifications of the project. Simple projects like a flyer, poster, email header, social media graphic, or a small advertisement may be completed within that time frame. A timeline estimate will be provided after receiving your request—holidays, vacation, and other projects already on the design calendar will impact turnaround time estimates.
How much time should I allow to receive an estimate for my request?
+ Responses are provided during office hours (Monday thru Friday, 11am to 4pm, Eastern Time) within 1 to 2 business days for new inquiries. Holidays, vacation, and other projects already on the design calendar will impact turnaround time for providing estimates for a-la-carte service requests. LisaVdesigns will make every effort to respond ASAP regarding your Emergency or Rush requests.
How much is the investment in Emergency design services?
+ Your project is something that came up last minute and is needed ASAP. In order to shift projects currently on the LisaVdesigns calendar and/or allocate extra work hours to provide the requested design services to meet the deadline, an additional fee of 250% of the project rate or hourly fees will be added to your invoice (payment is due upon approval before the final file is delivered).
How much is the investment in Rush design services?
This project is needed ASAP but there are a few days to work with to rush the files to you. In order to shift projects currently on the LisaVdesigns calendar so that the requested design services are done by your deadline, an additional fee of 100% of the project rate or hourly fees will be added to your invoice (payment is due upon approval before the final file is delivered).
How much is the investment in Regular a-la-carte design services?
The project is something that has a somewhat flexible deadline and you're on your game with requesting the project and providing all the necessary content, direction, and other materials to get things rolling in a timely manner. All REGULAR project requests are charged at the hourly rate in our Service Agreement or at the project rate quote I provide after reviewing your request. In most cases payment is due upon approval before the final file is delivered; if this is a larger project it may require installment payments with an up-front retainer payment due before any work begins.
What files will I receive?
The final files include those needed to produce the final product. If you are printing this piece, the final file will be a press-ready PDF. If your piece is intended for online distribution only, we'll discuss what you need for your specific usage (usually a PNG or JPG is suitable). Native files are not included—if you need them, please inquire about purchasing native files.
Is there a minimum on hourly services?
LisaVdesigns tracks progress in 15-minute increments with a minimum of  1 hour charged per request on hourly services. It works in your favor to send multiple requests at one time; this is especially important when you provide feedback/revision requests (sending feedback from multiple decision-makers at different times will result in more design time, especially when there are conflicting requests).
How do I pay LisaVdesigns?
Your invoice(s) will be provided via email with payment due upon receipt. LisaVdesigns accepts payment for
a-la-carte services via PayPal Business Payments (this means you must have a U.S. PayPal account and use your credit card, PayPal balance, or an eCheck). If you are not in the U.S., let us know so we can make arrangements for alternate payment.
Wouldn't it be easier to call about my a-la-carte request?
In order to provide the highest level of service and creativity to clients, phone calls are taken by appointment only. As a small business providing professional graphic design services to clients, the time allocated to design work is a priority and interruptions from unscheduled phone calls are not good for the creative process or for meeting client deadlines.
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